Our Story


Our founders Ola and Isabelle met in Greece back in 2009, working as models for a fashion campaign. Their obsession with skincare (and great sense of humor!) led to an instant friendship.
After years of sharing beauty tips and being disappointed by never finding *the* perfect product, the two decided to take matters in their own hands and start Maré.

Ola and Isabelle (a native of Brazil) observed throughout the years in the industry  that Brazilians always had radiating skin. This led them on a quest to find what was it that made them so beautiful. They soon noticed that at the core of Brazilian beauty lies a carefree, healthy, natural approach to skincare. 

Maré follows the mentality that beauty comes from feeling confident in the skin you are in,  our founders strongly believe that nourishing the skin with wholesome, natural ingredients and enjoying life are the secrets to true beauty!